Baby Boy Cupcakes

Hey guys! Hopefully you all had a great weekend enjoying the start of fall foliage. This weekend I kept myself really busy! I made over three dozen cupcakes for a baby shower. I wanted to share this post with you because although it was very time consuming, it was an overall fairly easy (and fun) process. There are so many ways to customize cupcakes for … Continue reading Baby Boy Cupcakes

Back To School Cupcakes

Hey guys! For my first blog post I wanted to share some great recipes that I used to bake some back to school cupcakes with! What better way could you celebrate being back at Plymouth State than with a delicious and pretty cupcake?! I don’t know either. The two kinds of cupcakes that I made were Grasshopper Cupcakes (Dark Chocolate Peppermint) and Chocolate Chip Cookie … Continue reading Back To School Cupcakes