Cupcake to Cake

Hey everyone!

This weekend I decided to take on a challenge that I’ve wanted to for a while…baking a small cake. In many ways, cupcakes and cakes are one in the same. They consist of the same ingredients, the portion sizes are just different, as well as the decorating styles and techniques. Since I’ve gotten the chance to experiment with cupcakes once a week for the last 14 weeks, I thought, why not give a cake a go! So, that’s just what I did and I must say, it was absolutely delicious!!

Here we go….

I found this recipe on Pinterest, and you can find it here. It’s called Nutella Chocolate Cake. This recipe is AMAZING. The only thing I did differently was half the recipe, because I was only baking for two. Although, 3/4 of it is already gone, so in hind sight I probably would have baked the whole recipe!!


For whatever reason, I’ve always been really intimidated by cakes. With cupcakes, it’s easier to rescue the batch if you mess up the frosting, or over/under bake some. With a cake I feel like you get ONE try. This whole process took me around 4 hours because I wanted to get it just right. By following the directions exactly, I found great success with this cake.

The most important thing I took from this experience was the cooling time. I baked each layer in a 6 inch cake pan, and they took about 27 minutes to bake perfectly, and another 15 to completely cool. I’m super impatient, and every minute of that cooling time, I just wanted to frost. But, if you frost too quickly, everything melts together and basically becomes a blob of sugar.

After frosting each layer, the really cool part began. I made the chocolate ganache, and poured it on top of the cake and watched it drip down the sides like a delicious chocolaty volcano. After sticking it in the fridge for like 15 minutes, the ganache had hardened and cooled, and I was able to frost the small designs on the top of the cake. I used a 4B tip for those, and frosted them on just like I would a mini cupcake. (see below)  After throwing some chocolate sprinkles on there to finish it off, my cake was complete!


All in all, this was a really fun experience. Plus, this cake is SO SO SO SO good. All the flavors blend really well together, and the Nutella frosting adds a really interest element to the cake. I will definitely try cakes again! Thanks for tuning in, see you next week!


Here’s the remnants of the cake as of 8:00 Sunday night…. 🙂

nutella cake


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