With a Strawberry on top!

Hey guys, welcome back to my cupcake blog. I’ve been doing some more topping experimenting and came up with:

A vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream, topped with a chocolate covered strawberry with white chocolate drizzle. Whew! That was kind of a mouthful to be the title of this post.


I tried out a new recipe this week from All Recipes, with only five ingredients.This is a great recipe if you are making a last minute treat and aren’t sure if you have all the fancy stuff in the baking cabinet! So to get started, here’s that recipe.

I will say that I baked these for a bit less than 18 minutes. Mine were getting pretty browned at about 15-16. After baking and cooling these, I frosted with my new go to buttercream recipe that you can find here on Wilton’s website. I seriously can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE this recipe.

Like usual, I used my Wilton 2D star tip, and piped the frosting on these cupcakes in the classic swirl formation. After this, I lightly sprinkled them with some red sugar sprinkles, and set them aside.

Now for the fun part! I grabbed six freshly washed strawberries and cut them in half vertically (so that the stem is still showing, see below picture)



Then, I grabbed some chocolate chips, poured them in a bowl, and microwaved in 15 second intervals until they were completely melted into a smooth consistency. Then, I dipped each  strawberry and placed them on the wax paper to dry.



Wait until the regular chocolate has completely hardened before moving on to drizzle with white chocolate. If you are impatient like me, stick them in the fridge to speed up the process 🙂

While the chocolate was hardening, I started to prepare the white chocolate for drizzling. The process is pretty much the same for melting, except you don’t need nearly as much chocolate.

After the chocolate already on the strawberries was hardened, and  the white chocolate is melted, I grabbed a Ziploc baggie. I poured the white chocolate in there, and then  really quickly cut a small hole in the corner of the bag. This next part is pretty fun. I drizzled the chocolate onto the strawberries in kind of a “Z” shape, but you can do anything here!

After each strawberry is done, stick them in the fridge for another 15-20 minutes to harden up. After that, stick one on each cupcake, and enjoy!


That’s all for this week, stay tuned next time for some fun Thanksgiving cupcake ideas 🙂




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