Oreo Overload

Hey everyone! This week was a really fun and special cupcake baking experience for me! One of the bus drivers from my school district (Newfound) who has been driving for many, many years retired at the beginning of this school year. He has worked in the Middle School, and at our local community center and has made a huge impact on our little town! He is still working for both the Middle School and the after school program at the Community Center, which is great news! oreo

So anyways, the community decided to throw him a surprise retirement party, and I wanted to contribute some treats. I went on Pinterest, as usual, and found a recipe for Oreo Cupcakes, and wondered how I had never stumbled across them before! These are a little unusual for me, because part of the recipe actually calls for boxed cake mix. (shh!) They looked too good not to try, and I’m super glad I did, they tasted soooo delicious!

Here is this weeks recipe, courtesy of The Melrose Family blog.

Oreo Cupcakes


I followed the recipes exactly, but instead of sticking a whole oreo on top, I broke them into smaller bite size pieces. As a side note: don’t worry about the thickness of the batter. I totally convinced myself that I read the recipe wrong because it turned out super thick, but, they baked perfectly. I used an ice cream scoop to fill the cupcake liners, and baked them for exactly 18 minutes. Any longer and I think they would turn out really dry.

Also–this bus driver had bus number 707 forEVER so I went on Etsy and found some DIY Printable cupcake wrappers and used them on all of the cupcakes. Here is the link. As soon as I ordered them, the seller emailed me asking exactly what I wanted each wrapper to say, and she prepared everything as a PDF file for me in less than a day! It’s a steal for $5.00, because you can print however many you need. I also did this on a previous blog post for my sister’s baby shower. It’s a really easy way to customize for your “customer”. 🙂

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for more treats, see you next time!

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