Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Is there anyone else out there who is totally obsessed with breakfast foods and how delicious they are? Well, I hope so because this week I’m going to take you through the process of baking cinnamon roll cupcakes. You kncrow how the story goes, I was spending yet another afternoon on Pinterest and found this recipe, and had to try it out. In case you guys ever want to check out other recipes I’m trying, here is my Pinterest board labeled Cakes and Cupcakes. I use Pinterest as inspiration for new recipes, and it’s a great way to save recipes I’ve already tried and loved without having to remember where they are in my crowded recipe box.


Without further ado, I present to you the recipe for Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes, courtesy of The Cake Blog. In my past blog posts, I’ve mentioned that I make my own touches on recipes, adding or omitting things. The only thing that I tweaked was the amount of time in the oven. Mine baked for about 25 minutes.milk (2) Every oven is different though, so my advice is to just keep an eye on them after about 18 minutes. If you can stick a tooth pick through the whole cake without bringing any batter back up, then you are good to go!  This week I didn’t feel like I needed to change anything in the recipe itself. These cupcakes were delicious as is! My whole house smelled like cinnamon buns when there were cooking. As soon as they cooled off and I was able to frost them, I enjoyed one with a tall glass of milk. Yum 🙂

So, because the recipe portion of this weeks post was a bit short, I wanted to share a baking tip that I learned from my mom. I have been watching my mom bake desserts since I was a little girl. When I was in elementary school, she was running a bakery out of our home and was known around town for her amazing desserts. Any time I would go grocery shopping with her for ingredients, she was very specific about the brands she purchased. I have no scientific proof of the importance of the brands of ingredients, so you’ll have to take my (and my moms) word for it. My mom says it’s because of the quality of the ingredients.  For a long time I  bought the generic brands of sugar, vanilla, salt, etc. because it’s cheaper, and how much different can one brand really be?

Well, one day at the store I decided to take my moms advice and buy her favorite brand of flour, King Arthur Flour. I still had some store name flour left at home so when I got back from the store, I compared the consistency of the two. King Arthur brand was lighter, and fluffier than the store brand. However I still wasn’t totally convinced that I was actually getting amazing flour by paying $2.00 more per bag. I did some research of my own about how King Arthur Flour is milled. They test the grain for its moisture and protein; only using the highest quality. Their flour is made in a state of the art mill.  This video, made by King Arthur Flour, explains in greater detail how they are different than other brands of flour.

After doing my research about the flour, it convinced me to use higher quality brands for all of my baking ingredients. Like I stated above, I really don’t have any scientific proof whether or not using these ingredients makes a real difference in  baked goods. Personally, it gives me peace of mind knowing where my ingredients came from and how they were made. If you feel the same, here is a list of brands of common baking ingredients that I use. These can be found at any grocery store.

Flour: King Arthur

Granulated Sugar, Brown Sugar, & Confectioners Sugar: Domino

Eggs: local or whatever is organic at the grocery store

Vanilla Extract & Cinnamon: McCormick

Milk: Oakhurst

Butter: Cabot

Salt: Morton

Baking Powder: Rumford

Thanks for tuning in for this weeks post, I hope you try out the recipe for Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes using some of the above ingredients! See you next week!



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